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Colomban Wendling 9843d10028 Update NEWS with the latest changes 9 hours ago
ctags Add more 'fall through' comments for switch cases 11 months ago
data email to Email (#2005) 1 week ago
doc api: pass gtkdoc annotation parameter as-is 1 week ago
icons icon: regenerate png/ico files based on the svg 3 years ago
m4 Update Scintilla to version 3.7.5 (#1503) 1 year ago
plugins Update Scintilla to version 3.10.0 4 months ago
po Update of Japanese translation 3 days ago
scintilla Fix distribution of Scintilla's ILoader.h 1 week ago
scripts gtkdoc: add support for array annotions 1 week ago
src Do not report incorrect value for GeanyDocument:changed when quitting 1 day ago
tests Add a test for the processing order when generating a tags file 1 month ago
.gitignore Ignore generated doc/doxygen_* files 2 years ago
.travis.yml travis: Add binreloc to the build matrix 1 week ago
AUTHORS Add Matthew Brush as developer 7 years ago
COMMITTERS Add Colomban to the COMMITTERS list 7 years ago
COPYING Update FSF address 6 years ago
ChangeLog Generate ChangeLog from Git log 6 years ago
ChangeLog.pre-1-22 Concatenate ChangeLog.pre-0-17 and ChangeLog.pre-1-22 2 years ago
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INSTALL Remove faulty empty lines 1 year ago Remove makefile.win32 based build system 2 years ago
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README.rst Add a README.rst link for GitHub to know the format and render it 2 years ago
THANKS Update Indonesian translation (#1501) 1 year ago
TODO Remove GNU regex now we have GRegex 7 years ago Don't warn about missing configure flags if configure shall be skipped 6 years ago Merge pull request #1182 from b4n/gtk3-auto-detect_v2 5 days ago Add Keywords field entry 2 years ago
geany.exe.manifest Windows: Enable DPI-aware mode in Windows Assembly Manifest 4 weeks ago
geany.gladep Don't regenerate the support.[hc] files, to prevent unnecessary rebuilding of files dependent on support.h. 11 years ago Use HTTPS URL for domain 7 months ago Replace references to GTK2 with GTK+ 3 years ago Use HTTPS URL for domain 7 months ago
geany_private.rc Post release version bump 9 months ago