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bopol a803582717
[peertube] only call description endpoint if necessary (#29383)
4 weeks ago
.. Add fixup for media files produced by HlsNative downloader(fixes #4776) 5 years ago [postprocessor/common] Use 'self._downloader.params' instead of 'self.params' 6 years ago [postprocessor/embedthumbnail] Recognize atomicparsley binary in lowercase (#28112) 5 months ago [postprocessor/execafterdownload] Encode command line (closes #13407) 4 years ago [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Show ffmpeg output on error (refs #22680) (#29336) 1 month ago [postprocessor/metadatafromtitle] Fix missing optional meta fields (closes #13408) 4 years ago Fix W504 and disable W503 (closes #20863) 2 years ago