987 Commits (master)

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  Sergey M․ c4a451bcdd
[test_execution] Add test for lazy extractors (refs #28780) 13 hours ago
  Sergey M․ 5ad69d3d0e
[test_youtube_misc] Move YoutubeIE.extract_id test into separate module 13 hours ago
  PrinceOfPuppers 70baa7bfae
[test_youtube_lists] Actualize youtube flat playlist test (closes #28045) 2 months ago
  Remita Amine 99c68db0a8 [youtube] add support phone/tablet JS player(closes #26424) 2 months ago
  Remita Amine b46483a6ec [youtube/test_youtube_signature] fix test 3 months ago
  Remita Amine 9c724601ba [youtube] remove description chapters tests 3 months ago
  Sergey M․ 142c584063
Introduce --output-na-placeholder (closes #27896) 3 months ago
  Sergey M․ d81a213cfb
[YoutubeDL] Raise syntax error for format selection expressions with multiple + operators (closes #27803) 3 months ago
  nixxo 3a61e6d360
[rai] improve subtitles extraction (#27705) 3 months ago
  Remita Amine e88c9ef62a [utils] add a function to clean podcast URLs 4 months ago
  Remita Amine 9dd674e1d2 [utils] accept only supported protocols in url_or_none 4 months ago
  Sergey M․ af1312bfc3
[youtube:tab] Extend _VALID_URL (closes #27501) 4 months ago
  Sergey M․ 03d3af9768
[test_InfoExtractor] PEP 8 4 months ago
  Sergey M․ 1727541315
[extractor/common] Improve JSON-LD interaction statistic extraction (refs #23306) 4 months ago
  Sergey M․ 5a1fbbf8b7
[extractor/common] Fix inline HTML5 media tags processing and add test (closes #27345) 4 months ago
  Sergey M․ 191286265d
[youtube:tab] Fix feeds extraction (closes #25695, closes #26452) 5 months ago
  Josh Soref 71ddc222ad
Fix typos (#27084) 5 months ago
  Sergey M․ ab0eda99e1
[YoutubeDL] Fix --ignore-errors for playlists with generator-based entries of url_transparent (closes #27064) 5 months ago
  Sergey M․ 2864179293
[youtube] Improve extraction 5 months ago
  Sergey M․ fe07e788bf
[utils] Skip ! prefixed code in js_to_json 5 months ago
  Sergey M․ 2de2ca6659
[youtube] Rework extractors 5 months ago
  Kevin O'Connor 4eda10499e
[utils] Don't attempt to coerce JS strings to numbers in js_to_json (#26851) 6 months ago
  Sergey M․ 1d9bf655e6
[utils] Recognize wav mimetype (closes #26463) 8 months ago
  Sergey M․ 84213ea8d4
[youtube] Extract chapters from JSON (closes #24819) 11 months ago
  Sergey M․ c380cc28c4
[utils] Improve cookie files support 12 months ago
  Sergey M․ e40c758c2a
[youtube] Improve player id extraction and add tests 12 months ago
  Sergey M․ 042b664933
Revert "[utils] Add support for cookies with spaces used instead of tabs" 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ cff99c91d1
[utils] Add support for cookies with spaces used instead of tabs 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ ea17979d83
[test_subtitles] Remove obsolete test 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ 4e9e1e240d
[test_YoutubeDL] Add tests for #10591 (closes #23873) 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ e0abaab293
[test_YoutubeDL] Fix get_ids 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ 42db58ec73
[utils] Improve str_to_int 1 year ago
  Remita Amine 348c6bf1c1 [utils] handle int values passed to str_to_int 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ 1ced222120
[utils] Add generic caesar cipher and rot47 1 year ago
  InfernalUnderling 9d30c2132a [utils] Handle rd-suffixed day parts in unified_strdate (#23199) 1 year ago
  Remita Amine 237513e801 [yahoo] restore support for cbs suffixed URLs 1 year ago
  Sergey M․ 824fa51165
[utils] Improve subtitles_filename (closes #22753) 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 28cc2241e4
[utils] Restrict parse_codecs and add theora as known vcodec (#21381) 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 53cd37bac5
[utils] Improve strip_or_none 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 3089bc748c
Fix W504 and disable W503 (closes #20863) 2 years ago
  Jakub Wilk fd35d8cdfd [utils] Transliterate "þ" as "th" (#20897) 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 5e1271c56d
[utils] Improve int_or_none and float_or_none (#20403) 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ d493f15c11
[extractor/common] Improve HTML5 entries extraction and add some realworld tests 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 0dc41787af
[utils] Introduce parse_bitrate 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 2e27421c70
[test_InfoExtractor] Add test for #20346 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 067aa17edf
Start moving to ytdl-org 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ fca9baf0da
[test] Fix test_compat_etree_Element 2 years ago
  Sergey M․ 399f76870d
[compat] Introduce compat_etree_Element 2 years ago
  remitamine e7e62441cd [utils] strip #HttpOnly_ prefix from cookies files (#20219) 2 years ago
  Ales Jirasek 22f5f5c6fc
[malltv] Add extractor (closes #18058) 3 years ago