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  Remita Amine b8b622fbeb [trovo] Add Origin header to VOD formats(closes #28346) 1 day ago
  Remita Amine ec64ec9651 [voxmedia] fix volume embed extraction(closes #28338) 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ f68692b004
release 2021.03.03 2 days ago
  Sergey M․ 8c9766f4bf
[ChangeLog] Actualize 2 days ago
  Sergey M․ 061c030133
[youtube:tab] Switch continuation to browse API (closes #28289, closes #28327) 2 days ago
  Remita Amine 8f56907afa [9c9media] fix extraction for videos with multiple ContentPackages(closes #28309) 3 days ago
  Remita Amine e1adb3ed4f [bbc] correct catched exception type 3 days ago
  dirkf e465b25c1f [bbc] add support for BBC Reel videos(closes #21870, closes #23660, closes #28268) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 7c06216abf
release 2021.03.02 3 days ago
  Sergey M․ 0002888627
[ChangeLog] Actualize 3 days ago
  Sergey M․ 3fb14cd214
[zdf] Rework extractors (closes #11606, closes #13473, closes #17354, closes #21185, closes #26711, closes #27068, closes #27930, closes #28198, closes #28199, closes #28274) 3 days ago
  Remita Amine bee6182680 [stretchinternet] Fix extraction(closes #28297) 4 days ago
  Remita Amine 38fe5e239a [urplay] fix episode data extraction(closes #28292) 5 days ago
  Remita Amine 678d46f6bb [bandaichannel] Add new extractor(closes #21404) 5 days ago
  Alexander Seiler 3c58f9e0b9 [srgssr] improve extraction 3 years ago
  Remita Amine ef28e33249 [vvvvid] reduce season request payload size 1 week ago
  nixxo 9662e4964b
[vvvvid] extract series sublists playlist_title (#27601) (#27618) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 44603290e5 [dplay] Extract Ad-Free uplynk URLs(#28160) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 1631fca1ee [wat] detect DRM protected videos(closes #27958) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 295860ff00 [tf1] improve extraction(closes #27980)(closes #28040) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 8cb4b71909
[tmz] Fix and improve extraction (closes #24603, closes #24687, closes #28211) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine d81421af4b [gedidigital] improve asset id matching 1 week ago
  nixxo 7422a2194f [gedidigital] Add new extractor(closes #7347)(closes #26946) 4 months ago
  Remita Amine 2090dbdc8c [youtube] fix get_video_info request 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 0a04e03a02
release 2021.02.22 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 44b2d5f5fc
[ChangeLog] Actualize 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ aa9118a373
[apa] Improve extraction (closes #27750) 1 week ago
  Adrian Heine 36abc16c3c
[apa] Fix extraction 1 month ago
  Sergey M․ 919d764600
[youporn] Skip test 1 week ago
  piplongrun 696183e133
[youporn] Extract duration (#28019) 1 week ago
  SirCipherz f90d825a6b
[peertube] Add support for canard.tube (#28190) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 3037ab00c7 [youtube] fixup m4a_dash formats(closes #28165) 1 week ago
  Isaac-the-Man 21e872b19a [samplefocus] Add new extractor(closes #27763) 1 month ago
  Remita Amine cf2dbec630 [vimeo] add support for unlisted video source format extraction 1 week ago
  Remita Amine b92bb0e02a [viki] improve extraction(closes #26522)(closes #28203) 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 40edffae3d [ninegag] unscape title(#28201) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 9fc5eafb8e
[youtube] Improve _VALID_URL (refs #28193) 2 weeks ago
  bopol 08c2fbb844
[youtube] Add support for redirect.invidious.io (#28193) 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 3997efb65e [dplay] add support for de.hgtv.com (closes #28182) 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine a7356dffe9 [dplay] Add support for discoveryplus.com (closes #24698) 2 weeks ago
  dmsummers e20ec43094 [simplecast] Add new extractor(closes #24107) 1 year ago
  PrinceOfPuppers 70baa7bfae
[test_youtube_lists] Actualize youtube flat playlist test (closes #28045) 2 weeks ago
  PrinceOfPuppers 8980f53b42
[youtube] Fix uploader extraction in flat playlist mode (#28045) 1 month ago
  Sergey M․ a363fb5d28
[yandexmusic:playlist] Request missing tracks in chunks (closes #27355, closes #28184) 2 weeks ago
  Max 646052e416
[postprocessor/embedthumbnail] Recognize atomicparsley binary in lowercase (#28112) 2 weeks ago
  Stephen Stair 844e4cbc54 [storyfire] Add new extractor(closes #25628)(closes #26349) 6 months ago
  Remita Amine 56c63c8c02 [zhihu] Add new extractor(closes #28177) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 07eb8f1916
[youtube] Fix controversial videos when authenticated with cookies (closes #28174) 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 4b5410c5c8 [ccma] fix timestamp parsing in python 2 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine be2e9b76ee [videopress] add support for video.wordpress.com 2 weeks ago