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Nextcloud Talk Backend

Important: This project is not finished and still not working very well. It is supposed to be a proof-of-concept and not (yet) stable enough to be used in production environments!

Since the default internal signaling was not usable on my system and Nextcloud's own High-Performance-Backend is not affordable by private users, I decided to take a shot and implement a signaling server based on what can be found in the source of Nextcloud Talk and the API documentation.

Signaling Server

The signaling server itself communicates over a WebSocket connection. For better performance it is recommended to use a separate MCU/SFU. I worked with Janus but I try to keep the interface abstract so it should be possible to expand the connectors for using other servers (Jitsi, etc.)

How to run


There is a pre-made docker-compose.yml. Modify the environment variables in the file to your needs then run the following commands:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d