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Eduardo Silva 4e0c4defc7
lib: monkey: thread-local-storage fixes (#4101)
3 days ago
avro lib: avro: link to 'jansson' instead of 'jansson-static' 9 months ago
c-ares-809d5e84 lib: c-ares: add new dns async library 4 months ago
chunkio lib: chunkio: fixes for sync and lock files 7 months ago
cmetrics lib: cmetrics: upgrade to v0.2.1 1 month ago
flb_libco lib: libco: sync changes for FreeBSD and non-gcc compilers 10 months ago
jansson-fd3e9e3 lib: jansson: upgrade to fd3e9e3 9 months ago
jemalloc-5.2.1 lib: jemalloc: upgrade from v5.1.0 -> v5.2.1 2 years ago
jsmn lib: jsmn: upgrade to 053d3cd2 8 months ago
libbacktrace-ca0de05 lib: libbacktrace: upgrade from 5a99ff7f to ca0de05 2 years ago
luajit-2.1.0-1e66d0f lib: luajit: upgrade to commit 1e66d0f 9 months ago
mbedtls-2.27.0 lib: mbedtls: do not use std=c99 on Windows 1 month ago
miniz lib: miniz: upgrade to b43f8a0c22 7 months ago
monkey lib: monkey: thread-local-storage fixes (#4101) 3 days ago
mpack-amalgamation-1.0 lib: mpack: force -std=c99 cflag 2 years ago
msgpack-c lib: msgpack: upgrade from c_master branch 4f59b98 10 months ago
onigmo lib: onigmo: add missing header by .gitignore (#775) 3 years ago
rbtree lib: rbtree: don't use __builtin_expect on MSVC 2 years ago
snappy-fef67ac snappy: add new helper and fix windows build (#3780) 2 months ago
sqlite-amalgamation-3330000 lib: sqlite: upgrade from 3.31.0 to 3.33.0 (#2552) 1 year ago
tutf8e lib: tutf8e: Resolve compiler warnings on Windows (#2884) 8 months ago
xxHash-0.8.0 lib: xxhash: add new hashing library 10 months ago lib: new script to update msgpack-c 10 months ago