tinywebdis - a lean webdis replacement using turbo.lua
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Webdis replacement using TurboLua.


  • luajit
  • luarocks 5.1
  • redis
  • gcc (to build TurboLua)

… install both with you package manager (when you’re using linux).


E.g. if you’re on a fresh Ubuntu

  1. just install git and make
  2. git clone --recursive https://github.com/markuman/tinywebdis
  3. make ubuntu
  4. make start

    $ make
    arch                           Install system dependencies on arch linux
    install                        Install turbowebdis dependencies locally
    start                          Start turbowebdis
    stop                           Stop turbowebdis
    tabularasa                     Tabula rasa
    ubuntu                         Install system dependencies on ubuntu
    uninstall                      Uninstall turbo dependencies

curl examples

$ curl -w '\n'
{"get": 42 }

$ curl -w '\n'
{"set": "OK" }

$ curl -w '\n'
{"get": "gnupower" }

$ curl -w '\n'
{"type": "string" }

$ curl -w '\n'
{"type": "list" }

$ curl -w '\n'
{"llen": 4 }

$ curl -w '\n'
{ "lrange":[ "hello", "oi", "oi", "a"]  }

$ curl -w '\n'*
{ "keys":[ "mylist", "a:c", "foo", "a:b", "string"]  }

$ curl -w '\n'
{"rpush": 3 }

curl -w '\n'
{"llen": 3 }

curl -w '\n'
{ "lrange":[ "lua", "dyad", "redis"] }
jsonp support
curl -w '\n'


You can send a json object to turbowebdis like this.

    "auth": "foobar",
    "db": "0",
    "command": [

The key/value pairs auth and/or db are not a must have. When they are missed, the default values from config.lua file are taken.
db should be a string. But you can pass it as a number too. Turbowebdis will take care of it.
See json_example.html as a standalone example (open the file directly in your webbrowser).

TurboWebdis, TinyWebdis & CherryWebdis

Go here for detailed install instructions: Installation

  • TurboWebdis is currently the main version (and the fastest).
  • TinyWebdis is currently not maintained but stable (and the tiniest installation).
  • CherryWebdis is maybe the easiest to install version (but incomplete!)