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Accept lynis-report.dat files (upload), transform it into json and put it into a mariadb to visualize the result with grafana.


docker deployment

env default value
SSL value does not matter, if set, https is enabled

When the env variable SSL is set, the container looks for /tmp/key.pem and /tmp/key.cert.
When they are not found, it will generate a self signed certificate on the fly.

Gunicorn is started with 5 worker processes.

client notes

When using lynis-cron, you can post the result to your lynis-bridge with curl (yes, the user-agent must be set to lynis-bridge, otherwise the lynis-bridge will response http code 403).

curl -A "lynis-bridge" -F data=@lynis-report.dat http://<lynis-bridge>:8080/upload


Currently only Mariadb >= 10.3 is supported.
The table reports is using WITH SYSTEM VERSIONING. So you got a report history about your hosts.
You just need to query them ;)

When /opt/mariadb.pem is given, lynis-bridge will use encrypted in transit using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to the mariadb host.

credits. is taken from


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