my ansible modules which are stock in pull request
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I like to use and work on ansible.
Primary I use, fix and improve AWS Cloud modules (primary employer driven).
But I like to do more for

  • source control (gitlab and introduce gitea modules)
  • database modules (primary proxysql)
  • password lookup plugins (nextcloud, lesspass)

... but my time is rare.

working on

module issue pull request


module issue pull request Ansible Version type
elb_target_group #52253 #57394 2.9 feature
gitlab_project_variable new module #56574 2.9 new module
rds_instance #60921 #61008 2.9 feature
elb_application_lb - #65183 2.9, 2.10 bugfix
cloudwatchlogs_log_group_metric_filter #42292 #59925 2.10 new module
ec2_asg #56385 #67045 2.10 feature
elb_target_group #64292 #65201 2.10 bugfix
aws_kms #67651 2.10 feature
aws_kms_info #67770 2.10 feature
gitlab_project_variable #66135 #67461 2.10 feature