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Running SQL statements instantly in geany

supported databases

  • sqlite3
  • mysql
  • postgres

output formats

  • csv
  • tab separated (for geany-tableconvert plugin)
  • html
  • luatable
  • JSON


  1. Clone this repository in your ~/.config/geany/plugins/geanylua/
  2. cp hotkeys.cfg one folder level up to ~/.config/geany/plugins/geanylua/
  3. Install dependencies for Lua 5.1 (luasql for sqlite3, mysql and postgres)
  4. Configure shortcuts for register, profile_switcher and run.
  5. Setup a Profile with register
  6. Write your sql statements in geany editor
  7. use run to execute your statements with geany
  8. profit


Sign up a new Database connection.



Set another default database connection and/or change the outputformat.



run will open the return of your statement in a new file /tmp/

  • The current active editor tab will be used as the statement.
  • Tab separated outputformat can be easily converted in any other table format with the geany-tableconvert plugin
  • HTML outputformat can be easily previewed with the markdown plugin
  • run will print some information in the geany status window



Until now it’s very quick hack using Geanylua Plugin. So the dialogs and the outputformat are very limited at the moment.

  • gtk sheet/table widget plugin
    • dunno atm. I guess this will need some C implementations too
    • insert/updates after changes in the gtk sheet/table
  • more databases
    • redis
  • dialog
    • test connection
    • status dialog / db infos
    • edit profile