flot function for GNU Octave and Matlab
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flot function for GNU Octave and Matlab

This will create HTML Plots using flot
See basic-flot.m for examples.

At the moment, the created html files are hardcoded to http://flot.osuv.de. If you need offline viewing, you have to change the paths in line 6-8 of the html files to your local copy of flot.


octave:1> x=0:0.1:10;
octave:2> y=[sin(x);cos(x)]; % flot is plotting row wise!
octave:3> z=tan(x);
octave:4> flot('sincos.html',x,y) % when no label is defined, y varname will be the label
octave:5> flot('sincos2.html',x,y,{'sin(x)','cos(x)'}) % use cell of chars for sevaral labelnames
octave:6> flot('tan.html',x,z,'tan(x)') % or single char for single plot