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Markus Bergholz 8ba96b01ca add fluent plugin for mysql status 1 year ago
addressinfo add example password generation and optional delay to demonstrate docker swarm load balancing 2 years ago
aws-es-auth-proxy add Dockerfile for aws elasticsearch proxy 2 years ago
caddy add draft for own caddyfile 2 years ago
dev complete my docker dev image 2 years ago
firefox-headless add firefox headless dockerfile 2 years ago
fluentd add fluent plugin for mysql status 1 year ago
gir rename my alpine image to gir 3 years ago
grafana add my grafana dockerfiles 2 years ago
httptunnel minimalistic httptunnel docker container. build with 'make build' 2 years ago
legacy_firefox add my test docker images 3 years ago
mariadb add mariadb proxy 2 years ago
mdbook add mdbook dockerfile 2 years ago
nextcloud change logformat to jso 1 year ago
octave reduce image from 5.4GB to 954MB 2 years ago
searchx update my searx 1 year ago
simple_nodejs add simple_nodejs dockerfile 3 years ago
sqlplus add dockerfile for sqlplus 2 years ago
static_site add kiss docker container for static site hosting 3 years ago