24 Commits (e251f228dedb255b53e4acf4116978b4a08da22e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Markus Bergholz 048b74d762 add alias to start octave-cli in docker 3 years ago
  markuman e9b02b4978 custom git commit function 3 years ago
  markuman 64ebe188db git lastweek summary 3 years ago
  markuman 81b554f6c4 enc clipboard 3 years ago
  Markus Bergholz de732228b4 format _rip_audio 3 years ago
  Markus Bergholz 32a170fe3c add _rip_audio function (wrapper for youtube-dl) 3 years ago
  markuman 1a0250a60a add docker clean up function and alias for update .bashrc 3 years ago
  markuman 4c01420a8c add ns alias for netstat without netstat 3 years ago
  markuman 8ae0c084d4 add nano as default editor 3 years ago
  Markus Bergholz c1ec00abdd add ws alias 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz 79f2a71104 increase watch time to 10 seconds (because bash can be slow) and add comments about caching for git push 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz 2166d4c39b add git autocommit and push script 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz d5a3f863a2 mplayer > matlab 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz b8f45c9e73 add zram alias 4 years ago
  markuman 4fc9ee511a alias to start gnumeric with english numeric notation 4 years ago
  markuman a421b95942 remote alias for h and add function/alias for weather information 4 years ago
  markuman 2f3dee97a4 add source autojump.bash when exists 4 years ago
  markuman 4d2f34dba2 git pull alias 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz 941e78bc8f define /home/alva/.alva/ and lua CPATH 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz 817345d24f change local bin directory to /home/alva/.alva 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz c2b9b359c6 disable bash-git-prompt 4 years ago
  Markus Bergholz c8aec95cde add netbsd PKG_PATH 5 years ago
  Markus Bergholz e5e6aedddc update and rename 5 years ago
  Markus Bergholz 2b82193947 init 5 years ago