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  1. superchroot – full automatic chroot helper
  • as root – systemd-nspawn, arch-chroot or chroot
  • as user – fakechroot or proot
  • support Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS Hosts
  1. getchroot – download and extract prepared folder installation of sevaral linux distributions.
  • supported linux distributions are:
    • Arch Linux
    • Ubuntu Precise (12.04)
    • Ubuntu Trusty (14.04)
    • Ubuntu Xenial (16.04)
    • Debian 6 (squeeze)*
    • Debian 7 (Wheezy)*
    • Debian Sid
    • Fedora 19 (Schrödinger's cat)*
    • Fedora 20 (Heisenbug)*
    • ArchBSD*
    • CentOS 5
    • CentOS 6
    • CentOS 7
  1. createchroot– creates a folder install for sevaral linux distributions
  • supported linux distributions are:
    • Arch Linux
    • Ubuntu Precise (12.04)
    • Ubuntu Raring (13.04)
    • Debian 7 (Wheezy)
    • Debian Sid
    • Host

(*) temporary not available


  • wget
  • awk
  • curl
  • bash (recommended)
  • systemd-container (chroot by systemd with systemd-nspawn on Ubuntu Systems)
  • fakechroot (optional)
  • fakeroot (optional)
  • proot (optional)
  • bindfs (optional; needed for MacOS)
  • facadefs (optional; for create instantly a copy of the host system for chroot)


  • figure out better proot usage
  • improve createchroot and write a small dokumentation
  • improvements for ubuntu debootstraps needed and the handle dash error messages!
    • any ideas?
  • add own script for handling graphical access?
  • create FreeBSD container.
  • Add/write wiki pages to keep README clear

current status

  • Debian, Arch, CentOS and Fedora images are fine.
  • Ubuntu images works only with systemd method?!
  • Debian SID and ArchLinux might be a bit outdated due to the reason that they're rolling release based.

About chroot

It's not possible to chroot a BSD system on a Linux system or vice versa! You can only chroot a Linux system on a Linux host! You can only chroot a FreeBSD system on a FreeBSD host! You can only chroot a MacOS system on a MacOS host!

A copy of the host system createchroot host ~/somehwere have to be chrooted with fakechroot opion as user or with chroot option. The systemd option will fail!

Documentation / Usage

For more use --help commands or read the Wiki.