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Nowadays selecting data is easy, but inserting and updating data is annoying.


with pip3 install mariasql --user

Example / Usage

start a temporary MariaDB
docker run -d -p 3307:3306 --rm --name mariadb -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password mariadb

start python3 and go

>>> import MariaSQL
>>> db = MariaSQL.MariaSQL(host='', port=3307)
>>> db.query('create database mariasql;')
>>> db.use('mariasql')
>>> # we can create tables based on dict definitions
>>> mytable = dict()
>>> mytable['id'] = int
>>> mytable['name'] = str
>>> mytable['some shitty column name'] = float
>>> db.create_table('test_table', mytable)
>>> db.show_tables()
[{'Tables_in_mariasql': 'test_table'}]
>>> # now we inserting a dict into the create tables
>>> data = dict()
>>> data['id'] = 12
>>> data['name'] = 'Alf'
>>> data['some shitty column name'] = 3.1415
>>> db.insert('test_table', data)
# let's read from create table
>>> dataset = db.query('select * from test_table')
>>> dataset
[{'id': 12, 'name': 'Alf', 'some shitty column name': 3.1415}]
>>> db.query('show create table test_table')
[{'Table': 'test_table', 'Create Table': 'CREATE TABLE `test_table` (\n  `id` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,\n  `name` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,\n  `some shitty column name` double DEFAULT NULL\n) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8'}]


variabele default value
host localhost
port 3306
user root
password password
db mysql
charset utf8mb4


  • db.use(dbname)
    • to change the database
  • db.show_tables()
    • get list of current tables in selected database
  • db.query(sql)
    • execute raw sql commands
  • db.create_db(dbname)
    • create a new database if not exists
  • db.create_table(name, tabledef = None)
    • When tabledef is not given, name must be a raw sql string which will be executed
    • When tabledef is a dict() and its keys are just datatype definitions, a table based on this dict will be created
      • datatye limitations when using dict() definitions
        • str -> VARCHAR(255)
        • int -> INT
        • float -> DOUBLE
        • dict -> JSON
  • db.insert(table, data, on_duplicate = False)
    • data must be a dict() with keys which exists as COLUMN_NAME in the sql table. But it must not include all column names.
    • when on_duplicate is set to True, it will perform an update when the PKs already exists in the table.
  • db.insert_on_duplicate(table, data)
    • just a wrapper for db.insert() with on_duplicate = True.


  • some tests and setup ci/cd
  • update method
  • insert/update list of dicts