bring up your nextcloud usage to the next level ????
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Ansible Nextcloud Collection

Ansible Nextcloud Collection - is not meant to install nor to maintain your nextcloud itself.
It's meant to bring up your nextcloud usage to the next level 🚀
No ssh required.


  • 💾 file module - download, upload and delete files
  • 🗨 talk
    • module - post messages in conversations
    • callback plugin - create deck cards or tasks of failing ansible tasks from talk
  • 👥 user_info module - maintain nextcloud users
  • 🛈 info - collects information of nextcloud setup
  • 🔑 passwords


ansible-galaxy collection install markuman.nextcloud

Documentation / Usage

  • Wiki
  • ansible-doc <module>
    • e.g. ansible-doc markuman.nextcloud.file


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