bring up your nextcloud usage to the next level ????
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Ansible Role: Nextcloud

This role installs, and configures Nextcloud for Ubuntu 20.04.

  • php7.4
  • mariadb 10.3
  • caddy
  • coturn

For more information, read the project wiki page:


  • devsec.hardening collection >= 7.14.0

Role Variables

Variale Name Required Default Value
ubuntu_nextcloud_user yes
ubuntu_nextcloud_user_ssh_key_location yes
nextcloud_fqdn yes
lets_encrypt_mail yes
mariadb_root_password yes
nextcloud_db_password yes
nextcloud_admin_user yes
nextcloud_admin_password yes
php_fpm.max_children no 120
php_fpm.start_servers no 12
php_fpm.min_spare_servers no 6
php_fpm.max_spare_servers no 18
opcache.interned_strings_buffer no 16
innodb_buffer_pool_size no 512M

A full list of defaults and their values can be found in the defaults/main.yml.

Example Playbook

- hosts:
  become: yes

    ubuntu_nextcloud_user: some_ssh_user
    lets_encrypt_mail: my@cloud.tdl
    mariadb_root_password: some_random_mysql_root_pws
    nextcloud_db_password: some_random_nextcloud_database_password
    nextcloud_admin_user: admin
    nextcloud_admin_password: some_strong_password

    - markuman.nextcloud